How Much is Hotworx Membership Cost Per Month?


Are you curious about this new fitness craze called HOTWORX that everyone seems to be talking about? Maybe you’ve heard about the amazing results people are getting from infrared sauna workouts and wondered, “How much does it cost to join HOTWORX?”


Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this ultimate guide, we’ll break down all the HOTWORX membership costs and prices in 2024.

How Much is Hotworx Membership Cost Per Month?

How Much is Hotworx Membership Cost Per Month


We’ll cover everything from monthly membership fees to class packages to special deals.


By the end, you’ll have all the info you need to decide if HOTWORX is right for your fitness goals and budget.

HOTWORX Prices 2024

Let’s dive right in with a quick overview of HOTWORX prices:

Item Price
Single Class Drop-In $20
Monthly Membership (Basic) $99/month
Monthly Membership (VIP) $149/month
Initiation Fee (One-Time) $99
Class Packages 5 for $85
10 for $160
20 for $300
Family Add-On $30/month
Towel Rental $5/class
Mat Rental $5/class

These are the standard HOTWORX prices across most studios in 2024. Some locations might have slight variations or special promotions. But in general, this is what you can expect to pay.

What is HOTWORX?



Before we get into more pricing details, let’s quickly review what HOTWORX is all about.

Here are the key things to know:

  • HOTWORX offers 30-minute infrared sauna workouts. You exercise inside a special sauna that uses infrared heat.
  • The infrared heat provides unique health benefits and helps you get better results in less time.
  • There are many different HOTWORX workout formats, like Hot ISO, Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, and Hot Buns.
  • The HOTWORX “3D training” method combines heat, infrared energy, and exercise for maximum results.
  • HOTWORX was founded in 2017 and now has over 200 studios across the U.S.

So in a nutshell, HOTWORX is all about getting an efficient, effective, full-body workout with the added benefits of infrared therapy. People love it because you can get great results in just 30 minutes. And it’s a nice change of pace from traditional gyms.

Hotworx Membership Cost Per Month Membership Options:

Hotworx Membership Cost Per Month Membership Options


Now let’s take a closer look at the two main HOTWORX monthly membership options:

  1. Basic Membership

  • $99.99 per month
  • Unlimited sessions at any HOTWORX studio
  • Access to virtual workouts
  • One-time $99 initiation fee
  1. VIP Membership

  • $149 per month
  • All Basic perks plus extra VIP-only benefits:
    • Discounts on HOTWORX gear and retail
    • Access to on-demand workout video library
    • Exclusive VIP events and socials
  • One-time $99 initiation fee

As you can see, both memberships include unlimited HOTWORX classes, which is an amazing deal if you plan to go often. The VIP level costs a bit more but could be worth it for those extra perks.

Another important thing to note is that all HOTWORX memberships work at any of their 200+ locations. So if you travel a lot, you’ll still be able to get your HOTWORX fix on the road. It’s super convenient.

Class Packages For Commitment-Phobes

Not ready to commit to a full monthly membership? No worries, HOTWORX gets it. That’s why they also offer class packages. Here are your options:

  • 5 classes for $85 (comes out to $17 per class)
  • 10 classes for $160 (equals $16 per class)
  • 20 classes for $300 (only $15 per class)

These class packs never expire, so you can use them at your own pace with no pressure. It’s a great way to try out HOTWORX and see how you like it before locking into a membership. And you still save money compared to paying $20 per class for single drop-ins.

Special Membership Promotions

In addition to the standard membership options, HOTWORX usually has some special deals and discounts going on. Here are a few examples of promotions they’ve offered:

  • Unlimited classes for $59/month with a 3-month commitment
  • Discounted initiation fee (sometimes as low as $30)
  • First month free or at a reduced rate
  • Summer specials like 2 months for $150
  • Referral bonuses for bringing friends

These change all the time, so definitely ask your local studio what promos they’re currently running. You might be able to snag an even better deal on a membership or class pack.

Types of HOTWORX Classes

Okay, now that you know the costs, you’re probably wondering what kinds of workouts you can do at HOTWORX. The good news is they have a huge variety to choose from. Here are some of their most popular class formats:

  • Hot ISO: 30-min isometric strength training.
  • Hot Yoga: 30-minute heated Vinyasa-style yoga flow.
  • Hot Pilates: 30-minute core and flexibility work.
  • Hot Warrior: 30-min high-intensity interval training.
  • Hot Cycle: 30-minute full-body cycling workout.
  • Hot Buns: 30-minute glutes and leg-focused training.
  • Hot Barre None: 30-min ballet-Pilates fusion.

The best part is that all these classes are included with your membership at no extra charge. So you can mix it up and try new things without spending more. Single drop-ins for any class are $20 each.

Bring the Fam for $30/Month

Have a spouse, sibling, or other family member who wants to join the HOTWORX fun? You’re in luck because you can add them to your existing membership for only $30 per month extra.

Yep, that’s right, for just $30 more, your designated family member will get all the same access and perks that you do. They can hit up unlimited classes at any location and join the virtual workouts too. It’s a sweet deal for fit-minded families.

Don’t Forget These Extra Costs

While your HOTWORX membership covers all your classes, there are a few extras to keep in mind:

  • Towels: HOTWORX requires a special non-slip, antimicrobial towel for hygiene and safety. You can rent one for $5 per class or buy your own for $50.
  • Mats: For some classes like Hot Yoga, you’ll also need a special HOTWORX mat. Again, these are $5 to rent or $50 to buy.
  • Apparel: You might want some fitted, moisture-wicking workout clothes for the heated sessions to stay comfy. Prices vary.
  • Water and electrolytes are essential for staying hydrated, so bring your bottle or buy drinks there.

It’s not a huge added expense, but it’s good to plan so you’re not surprised. Some people prefer to invest in their gear to save on rentals over time.


HOTWORX has been expanding like crazy the last few years and now has over 200 U.S. studios, with 300 more in development! Chances are, there’s one near you.

Most studios are located in these regions:

  • Southeast
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Midwest
  • West Coast

But HOTWORX is quickly growing in other areas too. You can use their online location finder to search for the studio closest to you.


The great thing is that your membership gives you access to all 200+ HOTWORX spots nationwide. So whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, you’ll probably be able to find a HOTWORX and keep your routine going. It’s like having a home away from home gym.

HOTWORX Pricing Cheat Sheet

We threw a lot of numbers at you in this guide, so here’s a handy cheat sheet with all the key HOTWORX prices for 2024:

  • Drop-in class: $20
  • Basic membership: $99/month + $99 initiation
  • VIP membership: $149/month + $99 initiation
  • Family add-on: $30/month per person
  • 5-class pack: $85 ($17/class)
  • 10-class pack: $160 ($16/class)
  • 20-class pack: $300 ($15/class)
  • Towel rental: $5 per class
  • Mat rental: $5 per class
  • Towel purchase: $50
  • Mat purchase: $50

Remember, prices can vary slightly by location and may change over time. But this list gives you a solid ballpark idea of HOTWORX costs. Of course, be sure to ask your local studio for their current rates and promo offers.

Common HOTWORX Questions

To wrap up, let’s go through some frequently asked questions about HOTWORX memberships and pricing. If you have others, the staff at any studio will be happy to help.

  • 1. Is there a free trial or discounted intro offer?

Yes, most HOTWORX locations have a special for first-timers, like a free class or a discounted first month. Just ask!

  • 2. What’s the difference between Basic and VIP memberships?

The VIP costs $50 more per month but includes extra perks like retail discounts, on-demand video access, and exclusive events. Both have unlimited classes.

  • 3. Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, you can usually freeze your membership for some time if you need to take a break. Talk to your studio about their policies.

  • 4. Are there any student, senior, or military discounts?

Some locations may offer special rates for students, seniors, and military members. Check with your local studio to see if you qualify for extra savings.

  • 5. What happens if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, missed classes can’t be made up or rolled over. That’s why the unlimited membership works best for people who go often enough for it to be cost-effective.

  • 6. Can I bring a friend to class with me sometimes?

Many studios do allow members to bring a guest for a free class on occasion. It’s a great way for your buddy to try HOTWORX! Just clear it with the front desk first.

  • 7. I’m going out of town, can I use my membership at another HOTWORX?

Absolutely! Your HOTWORX membership includes access to all 200+ locations. So you can take classes at any studio nationwide while traveling.

  • 8. What if I need to downgrade or cancel my membership?

No problem, you can switch to a lower-tier membership or cancel without penalties. For class packs, you keep any unused sessions to use later. Easy!

  • 9. Does HOTWORX offer personal training?

Some locations do have certified HOTWORX personal trainers and specialized programs like bridal boot camps or sports conditioning. Prices vary by studio.

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The Takeaway on HOTWORX Prices:

Phew, you made it to the end! Let’s recap the key points about HOTWORX membership costs:

  • HOTWORX offers 30-minute infrared sauna workouts for maximum results in less time.
  • Membership options include Basic ($99/month), VIP ($149/month), and class packs (5 for $85, 10 for $160, 20 for $300).
  • Memberships include unlimited classes at 200+ studios nationwide.
  • You can add a family member for $30/month extra.
  • Drop-in classes are $20 each, and mat and towel rentals are $5 each.
  • Prices may vary slightly by location and promo offers change often.

Basically, HOTWORX has membership options to fit different budgets, schedules, and commitment levels. With so many studio locations and class types, it’s a super accessible and flexible way to get your sweat on.


The biggest benefits are efficient workouts, health perks of infrared heat, and a variety of class formats. If you’re bored with basic gyms and want to kick your fitness up a notch, HOTWORX could be a great fit.

Hopefully, this guide gave you a solid understanding of HOTWORX prices and membership options. The best way to see if it’s right for you is to try a class and feel the heat for yourself! Most studios offer a free first class or intro special, so give it a go.

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