Is It Really Simple For Men to Stop Masturbation?


Masturbating is a common thing for us. our inner sexual drive gets high causing us to masturbate.


Masturbating among men can be done before having sex as a technique to bring up sexual excitement and a hard erection or just to realize your sexual desires.

Masturbating does have some benefits and risks of its own or men’s health.

Is It Really Simple For Men to Stop Masturbation?

Is It Really Simple For Men to Stop Masturbation



In this article, we shall find out about both the angles of masturbation that is its benefits and disadvantages.

Plus we are going to find out how easy or tough it is to avoid masturbating any further. 

Recounting the Benefits of Masturbating

Well, without a doubt, Masturbation has some really good benefits of its own. Masturbation is a common technique for us to forget the hardships of the day and a way to recover from stress and anxiety.

Masturbation and eventual ejaculation also give you a sort of mental satisfaction and this may help you to get better sleep. 


Masturbating is even good for those who are suffering from ED and would face a challenge in upbringing a hard erection. Doctors would recommend men to masturbate longer especially if you are already using pills such as Cenforce 200 mg.

While most of you may know about some of these benefits, there is something that you may not. See, Masturbating is a good way to strengthen the muscle tissues inside the penis and prostate and to increase blood flow to the region.

Masturbating often helps you to avert the major sexual side effects and disorders. 

Why would you want to stop masturbating?

So, if Masturbating had all the benefits linked with it, why would some men want to stop masturbating? Well, to begin with, age could certainly be a factor.


Little doubt is present regarding the fact that as men age their sexual response and drive reduces. This would make you prompt less to masturbate. 

Along with this, there is a major cause of pain due to excess masturbation. Yes, while masturbating is good for your health excess of it is not.

Excessive masturbation or sometimes Masturbating more than a few occasions on a day may lead to experiencing pain in the muscle tissues of the penis. 

Further, some experts and scientists have found that men masturbating too much may get an insensitive penis resulting in a delay in getting an erection sometimes.


According to studies, excessive masturbation sometimes may lead to an insensitive penis and this is when you face issues in getting your penis hard eventually.

This is probably the basic symptom of another sexual disorder known as ED or erectile dysfunction.

However, to recover from this disorder there is a way of using medicines like Cenforce 150 mg Pills. 

How difficult is it for men to stop masturbating?

Masturbation is a technique to immerse yourself in sexual pleasure and excitement.


Often there is a sense of inner satisfaction when masturbating. Scientists and researchers claim that this technique may often become addictive in males. 

Yes, say for example you tend to masturbate a couple of times within a week. If you want to avoid masturbating suddenly it would become difficult for you.

Since your brain gets into a habit of experiencing this sexual pleasure and a timely habit of involving in this act it may be tough to let go of suddenly. 

It is mostly tough for men to stop masturbating all of a sudden. This is more difficult in males for those who masturbate a few times a day, at least once daily, or even every alternate day.


The more you are into masturbating the more difficult it is to leave it suddenly. 

Some disadvantages of excessive masturbation 

Now we have earlier recommended some of the probable disadvantages of the masturbating technique but we shall recapitulate it further in this section.

See, excess masturbation may lead to pain inside the penis tissues. The reason is obvious since the muscle tissues would get stretched when masturbating. 

 Another probable issue with excess masturbation is the fact that it may result in desensitizing the penis.


Too much masturbation may often reduce the penis sensation abilities.

If it is so, then it will be tough for you to achieve a strong erection. 

Some scientists also claim that excess masturbation may lead to stress and anxiety.

This is more true for those men who Masturbate more than once a day and have fallen into deep-rooted habits of the activity.


Some research also claims that excess masturbation isn’t good for your sperm cell health or your semen volume.

It may cause you to become infertile but no concrete evidence has been found into this matter yet. 

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Final Thoughts:

Masturbating is a good habit unless you fall for its addiction.


Excessive masturbation may have some health issues linked with it and it would also get tough for you to leave masturbating any further.

If you are suffering from ED issues consider using the Vidalista 60 mg pill.

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